Hong Kong Region
The Google Cloud Hong Kong region is now
officially open and available
Cloud-Native Applications
Your requirements, coded for security and high-availability
Hybrid Cloud
Benefit from the cost-efficient cloud
while maintaining your on-premises resources
Datacenter Migration
Move your applications to a more
cost-efficient and functional platform

Ready to start your cloud journey? Let’s talk

Let us improve the efficiency of your business by writing the software you need and deploying on cost-efficient cloud servers. By using the cloud, you avoid the capital investment of buying new hardware, and pay only for what you use.

What we do

We build

Whether your are just starting out or have a long-standing legacy system, our certified GCP & AWS architects can help you build a highly functional cloud infrastructure.

We develop

We have extensive software development teams that will gather your requirements and bring them to life. We code specifically for the cloud platforms, ensuring your system reap the full benefits.

We migrate

Our technical teams can assess and execute the migration of your legacy systems to a more efficient cloud infrastructure, greatly reducing your annual IT costs.

We manage

We provide a full range of systems management, with 24/7 support and monitoring. We take responsibility for the security, compliance and availability of your entire cloud infrastructure.

Cloudaxis is a group of creative technologists that are passionate about developing software and deploying it on highly functional, cost-efficient cloud platforms. Our AWS Certified developers and engineers can code your requirements and manage your global workloads.

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