You may have already found yourself in front of a bad surprise at the end of the month, when you realize your cloud bill was much more than you expected. Perhaps someone in your team started some services and forgot to terminate them, uselessly running up the bill throughout the month. This is easily avoidable by setting up billing alerts which will protect you from the end-of-the-month bad surprise.

Cloudaxis can help you integrate Amazon CloudWatch Billing Alerts allowing you to be notified by Email or SMS when your monthly bill crosses a threshold that you indicate. We can also use AWS Lambda to forward SNS to Slack to spread different CloudWatch alerts amongst your team members. And, we could also use marbot to manage CloudWatch alerts on Slack.

Just follow these five steps to forward CloudWatch Alarms to marbot. Slack will distribute alerts among your team members. One engineer, not the whole team, receives an alert. Marbot escalates unnoticed incidents up to the next engineer or the team.