Container technology, and more specifically Docker, is hot right now because of the productivity improvements it brings. Containers make it very simple to automate application deployment and speed up application delivery.

Other key benefits of Docker include:

  • Cost-efficiency – the price of containerizing applications is negligible;
  • Agility – run your containers on a CI/CD pipeline and push them straight to your instances or Google Kubernetes Engine.
  • Consistency – by using containers you have better cross environment consistency.

We see Docker help organizations embracing DevOps at scale, making it possible to accelerate application delivery cycles, while ensuring high quality and improving availability. Every business is becoming a software business, the main drivers for DevOps adoption are increased revenue growth resulting from faster time-to-market and higher customer satisfaction.

As a Docker certified partner, we help many IT teams to rapidly adopting DevOps within their organizations. In the coming post, we will share how to build and deploy a fault tolerant, scalable and load balanced Ruby on Rails application on AWS.