About the Customer:
Urban.com.au is a online showroom for properties and real estate investments located across Australia. Most of the properties are newly developed and lean toward the high end of the market. For those looking for either a new apartment/townhouse to move into, or a real estate investment opportunity in the Australian market, Urban.com.au is a great place to see what is currently available.

Customer Challenge:
As most of the properties are from newly developed projects, it is essential to provide numerous high-quality images of each of the listings. With thousands of listings in the database, this makes for a significant amount of image data that must be delivered quickly across a wide geographical region. Users will not tolerate long load times, so speed is key.

Partner Solution:
By using services such and EC2, ElasticCache, RDS and S3 Cloudaxis helped Urban achieve the load time needed to provide their customers with comfortable browsing experience, along with a highly resilient configuration.

Results and Benefits:
As a result, Urban.com.au is able to continuously deliver high-quality content for thousands or properties across the entire Australian continent.