Advanced Partner – Amazon Web Services

The partnership between Cloudaxis and Amazon Webservices was upgraded today, making Cloudaxis an Advanced Partner in the AWS network. This upgrade came thanks to the strong number of Associate and Professional level certifications within the company, and the solid client base in Hong Kong and the APAC region.

Being an Advanced Partner, Cloudaxis is now able to obtain AWS competencies in their core strengths, such as DevOps, Big Data and Managed Services.

Partnership – Google Cloud Platform

Cloudaxis Limited announced it has joined the Google Cloud Platform Partner Program as a Service Partner. As a provider of cloud managed services and application development, Cloudaxis will now be able to extend its offering to include the powerful tools of GCP.
“The Google Cloud Platform gives us a whole new toolbox to work with,” said Michael Welsh, CEO & Founder of Cloudaxis Limited. “With the announcement of a Google Cloud region opening in Hong Kong in 2018 this is very exciting time. Apart from the performance benefits, the new, local region will also allow us to overcome regulations for data residency in Hong Kong’s financial services sector.”

Google’s Cloud Platform products enable customers to implement:

  • Cloud app solutions, such as mobile apps, social apps, business process apps, and websites, using Google App Engineand Google Cloud SQL.
  • Cloud storage solutions, such as high-end backup and recovery, active archiving, global file sharing/collaboration, and primary SAN/NAS, using Google Cloud Storage.
  • Large-scale computing solutions, such as batch processing, data processing and high-performance computing using Google Compute Engine.
  • Big data solutions, such as interactive tools, trend detection and BI dashboards, using Google BigQuery and Google Prediction API.

“Google’s cloud offering is not only cost-effective, but includes some of the most powerful big data and machine learning tools on the market,” Welsh added. “These will be a nice complement to our cloud-native software development proposition, and will allow us to extend into better data analytics”.

The Google Cloud Platform Partner Program includes Service and Technology Partners such as ISVs & MSPs, management and development tools vendors, analytics providers, business intelligence and ETL vendors, and storage specialists. These partners offer complementary technologies and services that have already been integrated to provide customers with powerful new solutions on top of Google’s Cloud Platform.

About Cloudaxis:
Founded in June 2015 in Hong Kong, Cloudaxis offers cloud-native development of custom applications with subsequent 24/7 management of production systems. With offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, Cloudaxis finds and brings to the market the strongest technological talent in Southern China. Their client base includes Fortune 500 and CAC 40 companies as well as local listed Hong Kong companies.